The Spirit World Is Here

August 20, 2016
Welcome to LBT Spirit World
This is where we face reality with honesty
Instead of ten faces & false pretences, truth is amazing 
So many people are full of it to keep face or popularity
It is true, you can sleep with your spirits  

Beauty And The Beast

July 22, 2016
On the first of August Tim Will launch the Tahmoor Driving School Beauty And The Beast Competition
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Buxton Friendly Supermarket Lucky Draw

June 20, 2016
The end of June is almost here for new learners to win
Book now to avoid loosing
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Driving Attitude is Ego Driven

February 3, 2016

Parents Please


See page in your folder endorsed by Lisa

Home Experience “by Lisa.

It is not a speeding issue

It’s driving too quickly

It’s an attitude, which will involve Ambulance,
Fire Service, Rescue Service
 Hospital, Police, Insurance, Legal 
Doctors, Nurses, and as below

Funeral Service


Parents’ Please make a compassionate
intelligent choice

Set an example, Slow down.

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Leave your Mobile Ph & Ego at home while driving

Driving instructor for 41 years this year 2016