It's no secret,

Tim gives the best $value & the best time value

       A text message giving your name & location will get you a response


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This is a Winner

The Cost is: $60 for 1 hour

           $80 for 1 hour & 30 minutes

     Two hours $100

    On the day of your Test 3 hour $180

    Driving School Automatic Car $60 No Manual

   Your Automatic Car $60 1 hour

   Your Manual Car $60 1 hour

  Your Ute $80 1 hour

  Your 4 X 4  $100 1 hour

 Lesson will not be conducted in a vehicle

which does not have a standard hand brake

Idiot drivers need a 10km speed sign to advise that greater speed is a danger
Parents and husbands neglect to teach students to LOOK where they are moving the car to
       Students need to understand how to demonstrate the use of the signals and the wipers

  Tim is not taking new bookings until Monday 12th of September

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