Reversing  If you have something large in the boot of your car,
 which you have to tie down the boot, expect others to
take advantage of your situation by parking about
 two inches behind you in such a way that you
can't see any part of the trickster's car until you hear
 the crunch!

Such drivers are fond of sneaking up behind you,

Conclusion: Do not back up if you cannot have a clear

 view of the area behind you. Malicious youngsters are

 fond of placing shopping carts against the front or back of

 vehicles in such a way that you will not see the cart until

you start to pull away and your vehicles sends a shopping

cart hurtling.When you return to your vehicle,

check for such mischief.

The speed limit says: 40 – 50 – 60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 – 110

What speed should you be doing 38 – 48 – 58 – 68 – 78 - 88 - 98 - 108 “WHY”?

 Give me a good reason why you need to drive faster.

There is no such thing as safe speeding

, Take it easy, Keep your speed down, do not drive fast because

someone else is going faster than you.

When driving a vehicle you have a responsibility, Not your right, But

 a privilege. "Safe Speeding - There’s no such thing”

Why' you may ask; is it important to be a back seat driver?

As a qualified Instructor for the past 47 years I would say that

 parents teach their children most of what they know which

 may or may not be correct.Children from the age of their

 first day home from Hospital

will learn and copy their parents ways and mannerism

and this is also an issue while they are watching parents drive

Mum drives one way and Dad drives another way and

 both may claim to be the better driver

When the student is near ready for a driving test this is the time that

 the Driving Instructor is required to mold the student to pass the test.

Once the student passes the driving test, their driving

standard will no longer be monitored by the parents

At this time of great pride getting the P's, and also being allowed

 to drive without supervision “who will monitor the student”

 and which driving standard will be adopted, the

 Mom's the Dad's or the Driving Instructor,

I know the Driving Instructor does not have a chance

 with say 12 hours against 17 years of parents mentoring.

This is why Parents need to upgrade their own driving standard

and I am sure that 2 hours is all that would be needed to

 make that improvement to pass on to their son or daughter

This is the effort a parent needs to make and why not?. .