This is beautiful Ebony, always to be remembered

To have a bastard living in our community is a fearful situation and to be
 a threat to the safety of everyone, Hang The Bastard!
He is in jail

Take a look at this youtube

This beautiful young girl is Ebony Simpson, she will always be remembered

“This guy gets nothing. He will die in jail,” Mr Elliott told Ray Hadley on 2GB radio.

“I’ve taken personal responsibility for this matter and I will today be writing to Mrs Simpson and offering 

a heartfelt apology on behalf of the people of NSW for the way she has been treated.

“I have come over the top of the serious offenders review committee and I have

 today instructed the Commissioner that Garforth gets zip.

“And I have asked for a list of everything he had prior to reclassification so I can

 see if I can take anything away from him.”

                                “This is not what this government was elected for and it’s certainly not what the people of NSW expect out of the judicial system.”

Hadley was stunned by Mr Elliott’s response and immediately congratulated him for the stance.

There were fears among victims groups that the decision to reclassify Garforth could set a precedent that other serious offenders could take advantage of.Hang the Bastard with barbed wire.