This is a True Story about Rosie

I have to tell you this true story
It’s about a new learn to drive student
I will name her as Rosie
Rosie booked a driving lesson with me about a week ago
When I arrived at her home Rosie came to the car &
introduced herself with great confidence
We proceeded with the lesson and I was very pleased with
her management skill with a strange car and a total
stranger observing
About 40 minutes into her lesson having performed Reverse parking
and three point turn This procedure was repeated several times
and I instructed Rosie to do one more three point turn and then
we will go to a different location I can tell with my 47 year
experience as a driving instructor that
Rosie is a very intelligent girl, she is witty an jolly and a pleasure
to be in company with
So Rosie proceed to perform her three point turn with a right hand signal
Putting the gear into drive position then releasing the hand brake
and again checking her center mirror and also checking her blind spot
over her right shoulder Rosie proceed with caution turning the steering
wheel in a full lock and before reaching the other side she turned a full
lock to the left and stopping  the car very gently
Fabulous I am thinking this is great
Rosie was in great form and selected reverse gear and observed left
and right also looking to the rear Rosie moved the car to the center
of the road and turned the wheel to the right in preparation to complete
Then Rosie selected park gear position and put the hand brake on
and turned to me and said” Ok What Next”
Rosie is in the middle of the road in park and the hand brake on
Never in 47 years no one has lost the plot like this
Congratulations Rosie, you will remember this the rest of your life  

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