July 2021 change for A better management arrangement

This change is meant to have an impact that suits both you and me
The difficult task of maintaining time schedules can be daunting
Considering time management has been on my mind for quiet a time
My conclusion is to better manage time slots & distant locations
Due to the Covid problem there is great hardship
for many families and individuals
consideration must be reasoned and adopted to
reduce the burden of financial hardship
Traveling from Tahmoor to Moss vale and the surrounding
Area’s of Bowral and Mittagong is not financially viable
at the current fee
To better manage for the individual, the time of one hour is not
enough to achieve the result for success
That’s why Tim always gives extra time without charge
which is appreciated by many
It is better to take a lesson for one hour & thirty minutes a week
which is easier for the individual to manage due to family and work comittment
For Tim to travel and conduct a lesson for 1hr & 30min is better value
which means it's easier for you to get a booking
The normal cost for 1 hr lesson is $60 whereas 1hr 30 should cost $90
1hr 30 with Tim will cost only $70
When you book a two hour lesson the cost will be $140
The day of your driving test is 3 hour $221 but with Tim it’s only $180
For students within the Tahmoor region and surrounding areas the
same arrangement applies; the cost in your own car is $60
     What does this mean for you?
     (1) You get more driving time, better value, and saving $20 per lesson
     (2) Better booking arrangement making bookings easier to get
     (3) You will get your licence sooner
     (4) Easier family arrangements means less disruption
     (5) If you cancel your lesson giving less than 12 hour notice will cost you $10
     (6) Cancellations cause a disruption to others who are waiting for a booking
     (7) Do your research, talk to your friends & work colleagues
     (8) Phone someone else& ask this question: Cost per hour lesson? Cost per 2 hour lesson?
          The duration of the lesson? Cost on the day of your driving test?  Are there any other charges?
          What will I learn on my first lesson?   Do you have a policy of no progress no fee ?
Remember' Tim does not charge a fee at any time
for the use of his driving school car


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