Did you know that the NSW Police are lenient
and without them our roads would not be as safe.
 Any part of your body outside the vehicle,which includes passengers $274 fine
 Tail gating “Menacing Driving’ $140 Fine
 Failing to stop at a stop sign, that means a complete stop $240 Fine
this may include whilst in a shopping center as it is a public place during business hours
Failing to give way to a two-lane traffic like Prince St to Remembrance Drive Picton $140 fine
Failing to give way at a Give Way sign like Bargo River Rd
 to Remembrance Drive $140 fine
  Speeding in any speed zone will cost you Big Dollars and loss of demerit points,
how much do you want to pay? Are you nuts? And you are not a learner
does this mean that you are not as good as a learner?.
Note ($Penalties may not be exactly correct)
 Did You Know  From 1st March 2016 drivers who pass a bicycle rider
 MUST allow a distance of at least:1 meter when the speed limit is 60km/h or less
1.5 meters when the speed limit is more than 60km/h
If drivers cannot pass a bicycle rider safely, they should slow down and wait
 until it is safe to pass the rider, Keep to the left of the center of the road
(two-way road with no dividing line) broken and unbroken lines
 Keep off a dividing strip• Keep off a painted island
 Driving penalty -Drivers caught not allowing the minimum distance
when passing a bicycle rider face a $319 fine and a penalty of two demerit points
.Bicycle riders over 18 must carry photo ID From 1 March 2016,
 All bicycle riders aged 18 and over must carry the required photo identification.
 This will help riders be identified in an emergency
. NSW Police will also be able to ask for identification
 if they believe a bicycle rider has broken the road rules
.Bicycle riders will have 12 months to adjust to the new law. From 1 March 2017
,riders stopped by Police for breaking the road rules could face a $106 fine
 if they do not have the required photo ID.
The required photo ID includes a driver licence or a NSW Photo Card.Already in NSW
, more than 90 per cent of adults currently hold a driver licence or NSW  Photo Card
.Did You Know: That Ute drivers are the worst offenders on the road who flout the rules
 and tailgate with highlights at anytime
 Ego plays a big role in mannerism "Remember that a pig cannot help eating like one,
Take a look at the Driver With No Brain

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