This is Christopher Mahon 1985

The young man from Reading, United Kingdom

with an ambition to develop his skill at being a driving instructor

Christopher was visiting Tahmoor Australia

 Christopher presented the trophy & prizes to the winners.

Irene Elma (first lady) was the Tahmoor Driver of the Year 1985


The best time to take advantage of our service is when

your learner passes the learner qualification computer test

The beginning stages are the most dangerous time as nerves can cause strange reactions, and it takes only a blink of an eye to lose control

Three of the greatest fears are:                                       

 (1) Pushing the accelerator to the floor “mistaking it for the brake”.

 (2) Pushing the brake so hard as to lock up the wheels.

 (3) The grip of death on the steering wheel when the learner freezes 

We provide test assessment for all drivers 

Your instructor is fully accredited by the R.M.S and Tafe qualification

with 46 years experience teaching all age and all nation students

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