During the past 2 years I have     suspended three young females
 and one young male
For being cheeky and driving dangerously Not keeping to a safe speed in changing conditions
For instance through Tahmoor and Picton wanting to do 60KM
Another instance at 30km wanting
 to turn into a driveway after 3 lessons Daddy didn't like me being so harsh
Because that's how Daddy drives
  The biggest Problem with drivers
                                                Is the comprehension of SPEED                                           

             My sincere condolence to the family's of the recent tragedy at Buxton

             Five children were deprived of enjoying the fulfillment of their

            young life growing up.  There are no words that can relieve the pain of

            suffering by their parents, family & friends.

           Now there are five more Angels in Heaven to hear your prayers

A compassionate message for parent's: Throughout your remaining life you will have a trigger that will activate in the gut like a knife.It is the spark of love for your baby an emotional love that was triggered when your baby was born. Your baby now a young teenager is your cherished memory that cannot be taken from you but is the trigger of love that will remind you of how precious your love is.

 Blessings and peace to you .

  Tim Clarke The Spirit World 

·  Tim Clarke: Tahmoor, Picton, Buxton, Wollondilly, Hill Top, Mittagong,

·   Bowral,Tim conducts lessons Monday to Saturday  

·  For availability Text Tim  giving your name & location 0408-426379

·  We provide Automatic only, If you need to drive Manual you must provide

   Tim is not taking new bookings until 14 th November

    New reduced cost for lessons as from November 2022

Driving School Automatic Car $60 No Manual

or One Hour & thirty minutes $80

Your car the same price

No Ute service

No 4 X 4 service

No service if your vehicle does not have a standard hand brake

                        Special: If you are a nursing staff member at a Private Nursing Home or

 a Public Hospital you will then benefit

by a reduced cost of $10 per lesson