WHY……..Keep Your Distance

The 3-second rule when following behind other vehicles fails to mention that this rule assumes you are looking at the driver when they come to a sudden stop for no apparent reason.

Why’ I would like to know…why drivers are so stupid! Learn this the hard way when in the process of changing lanes!

Put your signal on & glanced in the rear view mirror then over your shoulder and look forward again as the car in front of you has put the brakes on……… before you have a chance to touch your brakes!……that would be it “BANG” into the rear of the vehicle.

Always drive like others are trying to get you into an accident and they are watching for when you are not looking.

Expect others to do something stupid.

Don't assume others are seeing you, even if they are looking right at you! Dark brown, grey, red cars in the shade “invisibility” such cars speeding in the shade on a sunny day are nearly impossible to see

Never look at an accident scene while you are passing by, you will save yourself grief and money by avoiding another accident by paying attention to the road ahead.

Big flashy trucks and other attention-getting vehicles will often literally "steal" your attention away from other more dangerous hazards without your being aware of it.

If you are about to change lanes in front of such a vehicle you may find that the slow moving flashy monster is prevented you from noticing the speed demon driving the little dark brown car in the far lane changing into the same lane as you intend.

When you are moving into the empty right lane of a three-lane highway, expect any drivers to switch lanes to cut you off. You won't be disappointed! Look twice, maybe even three times. Often our eyes show us what we expect to see instead of what is really there.

If you don't expect someone to be there you will not see him or her until the second look.

If you expect no one to be there that may be exactly what you will see “until you check over your shoulder”. Remember! Your side mirrors are not true vision.         HOME